Movie "Vlog" at 20th Split Film Festival

At the jubilee 20th Split Film Festival, which will take place from September 12 to September 19, 2015, at seven locations - in the "Central", "Karaman" and "Kinoteci" cinemas, in the Marka Marulić City Library, at the Art Academy, in the Ethnographic Museum and the Art Gallery will feature a comprehensive program, divided into eight sections (Film and Feature Film Contest, Croatian Film, Odrazi / Reflections, Libido, Forum 4, Frame Extension and Special Program). We are pleased to announce the debut film "Vlog" (2014/70 ') by Brun Pavić, head of the film section of the Dramatic Study Ilirik. It should be noted that the film also achieved success in the European Feature Film at the Overlook 2014 - 5th Cinemavvenire Film Festival in Rome.

Krešo becomes victim of an unjust social system and various life situations that unfold one after another, gradually leading him to utter financial and existential destruction, while he is powerless over the outcome and can do nothing to change his life for the better. He finds self-achievement only in the video blog (vlog) he occasionally shoots where he reveals his positive thoughts on life.

Born in March 30, 1988 in Zagreb, Croatia. Graduated on Film and Video department of the Academy of Fine Arts in Split and afterwards took his master`degree on the same Academy- Department of Film, Media Art and Animation with feature film ˝Vlog˝. Together with feature and documentary films deals also with video arts. As student took part on group exhibitions, and in 2014 had first solo exhibition of video works and video instalations.

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