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07.06.2010.- Premiere of the feature documentary Nemati a biti (trans. Lacking but existing) about the problems of homeless people is being expected soon at the International activist poetry festival Art Attack. This project which involves homeless people, actors of studio drama Ilirik, rev Jozo Ćirko and psychiatrist dr. Nikola Jelovac, cooperated with Caritas and the association Most (trans. Bridge). Bruno Pavic is the film director.

14.06.2010. - Performance Ti si jedinstveno biće (trans. You are special) a story by Max Lucado for sick children in the KBC Firule ( Clinical Hospital Centre)


  • Guske u magli (trans. Geese in the Fog) - a political satire about the Croatian accession to the EU
  • Green Theater Show ''Apocalypsis''- modern pastoral game about Diocletian's martyrs
  • Maruliada – a performance about life and work of the Croatian writer Marko Marulić
  • Sretni princ (trans. Happy Prince) – Oscar Wilde's fairy tale for children
  • Zašto patimo (trans. Why do we suffer) – documentary film about the causes of human suffering

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